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Jennifer O'Neil

Jennifer O'Neil

Owner, Happiness Think Tank, LLC

“I have worked hard for years keeping my mind focused on love versus fear and expecting miracles every day! As a result of my dedication to love and miracles I have found Reiki, meditation, coaching and the law of attraction as my rocks.

They have transformed a once weary and hopeless mind into a positive, powerful force through diligence and commitment. My goal now is to teach and spread that light to everyone my heart touches.”

Jennifer has a Bachelor’s degree in Quantitative Business Analysis from Penn State University. She is an Usui Reiki Master, Karuna Holy Fire Reiki Master, Certified in Guided Meditation Instruction and is a Certified Robbins-Madanes Life Coach.

She has developed and teaches classes and workshops such as a law of attraction course, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) otherwise known as tapping, Passion and Purpose as well as Usui and Karuna Reiki all levels including the Master levels.

“My goal is to help you manifest a higher quality life! Solutions come from within us. We all have difficulties finding solutions to everyday challenges. It is important to continue the search inside for these solutions, so that we can shape our lives and fill them with all the love and happiness life offers.”

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What is Intuitive Life Coaching? Hey Happiness Warriors! In this blog I’m going to explain why using intuition in the life coaching process is valuable.I will be covering what is intuition, why it is important we pay attention to it, and how to apply it to transform your life! In my experience, the gut is always right. Intuition is this KNOWING that exists
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