What is Intuitive Life Coaching

What is Intuitive Life Coaching

What is Intuitive Life Coaching?

Hey Happiness Warriors! In this blog I’m going to explain why using intuition in the life coaching process is valuable.I will be covering what is intuition, why it is important we pay attention to it, and how to apply it to transform your life! In my experience, the gut is always right.

Intuition is this KNOWING that exists within us all. It is that feeling that gives you a nudge and you aren’t sure where it came from. Logic is suspended. Doubt creeps in. However the KNOWING still persists. You can’t shake it. It hangs on. In the energetic world, intuition is cultivated by focusing on and opening the Third Eye Chakra. This chakra is physically located in between the eyebrows and the color is denoted by a beautiful swirl of blue and purple otherwise known as indigo.

It is important to pay attention to your intuition because it comes from your innermost truth. Our inner compass is always speaking to us. We just need to get quiet enough to listen. The ego is a loud voice. It is the voice that tells us we are wrong and the ego is the voice that is easier to hear and believe. However, you are NOT wrong. Your truth is LOVE and your intuition reminds you of truth, regardless of the situation. When you begin to rely on this wisdom, you cultivate a trust in yourself and connect to the guidance of a loving energy that is bigger than you! Instead of immediately taking action, you may be more compelled to sit in meditation, get quiet and listen. Then you will be divinely guided. This is when action is the most effective.

My job as an intuitive life coach is to guide you to be aware of your inner compass. Intuitive life coaching helps you distinguish the difference between what your soul is saying as opposed to what the ego or fear says. This type of coaching applies tools that direct you towards your inner guidance system and away from the opinions and judgements of others.

One example I can give of how this type of coaching leads to taking action based on an intuitive nudge is relaying an experience one of my clients had after a coaching session. She and her son were driving home and taking the usual route they would take. They were chatting in the car. When they stopped at a particular stop sign, my client had the urge to make a left as opposed to going straight. My client chalked it up to not paying attention at first, since they were immersed in conversation however it FELT “right” to take a left.

After realizing she made a wrong turn she drove down a street she would never be on to go home. There, in front of a restaurant, was a man lying on the ground. His head was bleeding. She and her son got out of the car to help and called for an ambulance. As the universe would have it, they knew this man. He was the Monsignor from a church they belonged to years ago. He had recently been placed in a nursing home due to Alzheimer’s. He was having dinner with his niece and when he left the table to use the restroom he got confused and walked outside. He fell, hit his head and was lying on the sidewalk at the exact time my client and her son were driving down that street. Intuition is strong. Intuition is clear. Thank goodness he received help and care he needed and was fine after the incident. That is how specifically you will be guided when you start listening to that inner voice.

Here are 4 simple ways you can start to become BFF’s with your intuition:

• Chill and get quiet. For some this is a big task. You can start with 5 min a day!
• Notice what you are feeling. Often we brush off a gut “feeling” however our inner
guidance system is speaking to us. Emotions are a way to understand.
• Understand that you do NOT have to control everything. Action matters.
However action taken after receiving intuitive guidance is golden.
• Meditate and focus on your third eye. Close your eyes and gently look up
between your eye brows. This should be gentle and not straining. Visualize the color
indigo. Notice any thoughts or feelings that come to you!

So trust your inner teacher! It has your back.